Special pumps for sources [+]
Pumps for sources Without the selection of the suitable pump, the awaited effects will not be obtained. In addition, the curves to volume and pressure based on the selection of the pump and its effects must totally be observed and be advised.
Water Life sees for what others cannot show:
Special pumps for Sources - Totally in Stainless steel.
- Resistant to the corrosion and the abrasion.
- Yields of up to 83%
- They do not contaminate the water.
- Continuous Use.
- Under consumption (electrical).
- Apt to work in horizontal way.

Filters [+]
It is very important to work with clear and clean water, therefore our provision of all the elements, the obstruction of tips and nozzles can include the special filters to support the perfect operation the pumping equipment being avoided.

The control of seaweed and other matters are advised to the additives in the water for our company can suggest.

Ideally, in addition to this, all source must take recirculation filters to assure the cleaning the water.
Filtros Biologicos [+]
Biological filters
1. Effective pressure filters with integrated uvc clarifier.
2. Rinsing with discharge into channel like waterfall or watercourse, can be operated even if the filter is buried in the ground.
3. Polluted water is pumped into a sealed, closed system, during which a working pressure of 3m water head can build up.

Pond Press Bio Filter note:
1. Superior bio filtration with the rugged Bio-Active Pressure Filter.
2. Powerful Bio-Activator Media provides the key to extreme biological filtration with enhanced surface area.
3. New vortex internal pumping jets ensure maximum water-to-media contact to support bacterial growth and provide for superior bio-activity.
4. A handy backwashing system activates at the click of a button to thoroughly clean the filter without getting your hands dirty.
5. External pressurized design may be buried or concealed outside of your pond to help maintain that natural look.

Pond Bio filter passage water filter
1. Products of this series are suitable for filtering garden pool and koi pool. Use correctly and the pool water will be purified effectively.
2. Efficient purification-Ultraviolet sterilization before the filtration, purification more effective.
3. The filteration structure is very easy to clean, which is more conrenient to maihtenance.
4. If can be assembled with cuv-2 series, then to be a perfect filteration system

Ilumination [+]
One of the most excellent aspects in the sources and games of water is the luminance distribution. The devices that we provided are absolutely hermetic and unalterable.

The number, color and power must be determined based on the effect, just like the mixture of colors
Illumination of Leds RGB [+]
New range of leds rgb devices.
- Low electrical consumption.
- Saving in cable lyings.
- Long life of utility of 30.000 hs (correct use).

Unique line with change colors with tension 12v/ac and two cables.
On fixed order change, to elecion and with remote control.
High comproblable power.
Security and written guarantee
Control Panel [+]
Incorporating Control Panel or boards of command relay of sequences the hydraulic and electrical aspects . This includes the possibility of incorporating timers, drive valves solenoids for automatic operations of the source in both procedures: water and electricity.

- Designs according to projects.
- Complete Board.
- Security.
- Sequential control of water movements.
-Luminance and dynamic designs of dancing of water movements.