Design and Realizattions

Design and // Realizattions

fuentes y cascadas - Waterlife


We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a company specialized in everything related to moving water, whether they are fountains or water features, we offer our experience and structure in the management of moving water.
We offer assistance in both private and public works throughout the country. Our track record is supported by the work done, our creations are our best introduction.

fuentes y cascadas - Waterlife


Cyberfountains o sources is all that one water source or game controlled by CPU (plc, microprocessor, PC, robot, etc) totally cybernetics or by the amount of combinations of water and light especially designed for diurnal spectacles and nocturnes ones.

fuentes y cascadas - Waterlife


The murmur of a cascade produces a hypnotic effect, so changer as of fire noise, any garden, patio or terrace has a space to lodge a design with water.
• Constructed with natural stones.
• Aquatic design (plants and fish).
• Exclusive designs
• Aquatic illumination.
• Design of the landscape.


• They do not only have parameter. let fly his imagination.
• They are a center of sight attention.
• Ideal air humidifier inside a house or winter garden.
• For Hotels, nightclubs, discotheques, exhibitions and spectacles deprived and public ones.

fuentes y cascadas - Waterlife


A pool or pond can be: A point of attraction for animal and plants, Classroom of classes for the small ones. Oasis of calmness for the stressed owner.
Here one can relax and rest, observe and learn. The certain thing is that nowadays a pool improve and better effectively the quality of life in the garden.


Formal ones: the design of the surface of the pool would have to agree with its environs. It must have geometric, rectangular, squared, oval or circular form, or a combination of them in a the way that the set can provide balance sensation.

Informal ones: rules do not exist that legislate the complete design of pond in an informal frame; it will have natural and rythmical lines but with curves and arcs (imitating nature)

fuentes y cascadas - Waterlife


They are all those that by their size happen to be great water surfaces, in which the predominant thing is the reflection of surrounding landscape, they can take advantage of difference natural land and zone of ponds
They will be able to be constructed in diverse materials:

• Injected polyester or fiber glass (buckets) .
• Masonry, which are the best investment throughout the time. Although this method is most expensive, because it requires specialized personnel.
• Of plastic laminae, they are of great durability, its installation is simple and it adapts to diverse forms and sizes.
• Of natural materials (ground cement), but the common ones for great surfaces.
• Of Ground Cement | Of Masonry | Of P.V.C

fuentes y cascadas - Waterlife


As luxurious as they look, Movie Waterfalls (laminated) are an unique feature of decoration outdoors as well as indoors. Water falls gracefully from a wall or any other surface, a holder or option stainless steel punts, breathing in the life and energy it emanates.

One of the most elegant and thrilling water demonstrations. Practically silent, without splashing, this is a fabulous feature for any use which demands slight moving water presences.
The distribution of injectors or punts according to design makes of water a perfect fall upon the crystal, the mirror on any other chosen designed surface, filling the entire width and creating an amazing view

WaterlifeWall is the modular system that creates exactly what is expected (rainfall), in the most stunning, efficient and economic way. WaterlifeWall is designed to add a spark of glamour to a show, an event or in all-time decoration.

fuentes y cascadas - Waterlife


In the hands of our team of designers, water turns into a healthy and decorative element we can adapt to any environment. In our recreational WATERLIFEPOOLS line of jets, we achieve the most special and relaxing visual effects, the most attractive and surprising spaces and the most spectacular recreational combinations. All of this is pursued to guarantee maximum enjoyment of this element in an attractive environment. A design that can also be combined with advanced engineering solutions to guarantee maximum reliability: optimizing of the dimensions of pumps, efficient filtering systems, extreme condition surviving materials, etc.
• Swan neck
• Relax canons
• Multiple nozzles
• Water sheets
• Cromotherapy sets.

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