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Numerous types of sources and water games exist,here are practically no limits in the design of a source.
Water Life® is in charge to make it reality. For the development of any project we consider a series of essential factors:

• Environment.
• Location.
• Aesthetic.
• Water games.
• Type of illumination.
• Tecnology.
• Quality of materials.
• Las normas de seguridad

The study and planning of all these factors support the optimal operation and facilities from Water Life.

fuentes y cascadas - Waterlife


We dedicated ourselves to recover all source or statue for sources by means of artisan techniques and with materials of first quality, being given back its enchantment and magic. With an equipment highly enabled to rehabilitate any ornamental source or public monument with water.

fuentes y cascadas - Waterlife


Our Company is highly enabled to mount kit of conventional or cybernetic sources to:

• Special events.
• Sources for stands and Exhibitions.
• For Theaters and studies of television.

fuentes y cascadas - Waterlife


We have the affability to specify the system of maintenance of sources and water games of WATER LIFE.
A great conceptual difference between cleaning exists and maintaining. Many users of sources or water games think that is serious sufficient to clean when it is necessary, but dirt is a DESTRUCTIVE effect ACUMALTIVE AND which, advances without being able to make back down . The maintenance however, is a planned and continuous process having the most virtue of maintaing the good aspect and operation during the life utility of the source or water game. The base of this program is to avoid the cleaning by crisis.

The program of maintenance of Water Life will allow you to throughout,having all sources or clean games of water all the year around.
WATER LIFE® Program of maintenance
• Adjustment of parameter Verification and revision of the illumination system.
• Verification of the correct operation of the Hydraulic system.
• Verificación y revisión del sistema de iluminación.
• Electrical picture general overhaul and position of high and low tension.
• Cleaning and conservation of pool or Tray.
• Control and conservation of the water quality.

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