Fish and Plants

Fish //Plants

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Fish for pools or ponds

The cold blood has its enchantments. The cold water fish excite themselve by their interesting behavior, showy colors and exciting forms. There are many that are very appreciated: the Chinese and Japanese carps koi (nishiki-koi) and varieties as the carp tail of veil (velifera), flaking sea bream-white-orange or combinations of all the tonalities, subunkin bluish, common and the velífero one, the comet (like a spacecraft)red mate a new creation of year 2004 and comet red metalists.

Aquatic Plants

n a pool are several levels of plantation based on the hydric requirements of the different species from plants.

Sumerged Plants level 1: refers to the plants total or almost totally submerged acting as important as of the maintenance of the balance of the pool and to oxygenate the water

Floating Plants level 2:They are those that simply float and serve mainly to provide shade and to serve as shelter to small insects that serve as foods to fish.

Emergent Plants level 3: They are those that grow within the water anchored with strong roots in - situ flower pots of the bottom of the pool and emerge towards the surface.

Marginal or marshy Plants level 4:It represents a zone of transition from the surface of the border towards the zones deepest. Therefore, they are plants with capacity to live in water but not submerged.

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